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About Me

"We are what we repeatedly do."

✅ Hello there! 👋🏾 Travis-Sinclair Camp, here from the South Bronx, where my story began amid adversity, with 13 siblings and a mother facing her own battles. These early experiences kindled a desire within me to change lives for the better.

✅ This calling led me to Alfred University Downstate, where I earned a Master's in Counseling and an Advanced Certificate in Mental Health Counseling. With 17 years as a licensed NYC educator under my belt, I've had the privilege of touching lives from the classrooms of the South Bronx to my current pursuit as a mental health therapist in training.

✅ My professional path has been filled with opportunities to build relationships, all of which contribute to a healthier mental landscape for our youth. I am passionate about psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, developmental psychopathology, and interpersonal neurobiology, and I use these disciplines to enrich our students' lives.

✅ Through Travis Sinclair Consulting LLC, I merge therapy and educational expertise to develop services for individuals and organizations, aiming for holistic personal and professional development.

✅ I offer therapy sessions for adolescents and young adults, focusing on mental health challenges and fostering resilience. My workshops for educational and business settings aim to promote mental well-being and a supportive atmosphere.

✅ In entrepreneurship, I advise on incorporating mental health for innovation and balance, ensuring a healthy work culture. My vision extends beyond intervention to prevention, advocating for mental fitness as a daily practice.

✅ As a speaker and Toastmasters International CC, I embody Aristotle's idea that excellence is habitual, not occasional.

✅ Join me in this transformative endeavor. Let's collaborate to enrich education and mental health for our future generations.

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*** Together, we'll light the way for those we educate!

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