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Mindset 101 Workshop

  • 2 hours
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Service Description

People with a fixed mentality, according to the Mindset Principle, assume that inherent characteristics such as intellect, talent, charisma, etc. are defined and unchanging; they determine who we are. In our society, this is a typical perspective: imagine the "natural athlete", the "born artist" or the "student of honors." In the fixed personalities of cartoon characters such as the Care Bears, the Smurfs, or GI Joe, fixed mentality is modeled early for kids; and whether we are rewarded for being clever or condemned for being inept, characteristics that we can not change in a fixed mindset. Why is that important? People with a fixed mentality, it turned out, pay a high price for this view. If you think your abilities are set, you run into a limit at some point, no matter how high you succeed, a puzzle you can not solve, a dance you can not learn. The fixed attitude has a few not-so-great choices at this stage: lie, get upset, or leave. I see these responses daily as an educator. After reading Dweck’s 2006 Mindset book, I was inspired to develop a 2- hour workshop based on the book. The basic structure of the workshop is: - Mindset quiz (measuring degree of fixed/growth) - Introduction to what mindset is, why it’s important - “Jigsaw” on readings from Dweck book - Video clips illustrating fixed and growth mindsets and a brainstorm on the characteristics of these - Poster & present: Situational responses from fixed and growth mindset perspectives - Summary and affirmation that mindset can be changed - Personal reflections

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5625 Arlington Avenue, Bronx, NY, USA

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