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The Mentality of Success

What are the advantages of developing an attitude for growth?

Carol Dweck is a leader in the field of growth attitude studies. Essentially, her point is that those with an attitude of development are more likely than those with a stagnant mindset to prosper. She notes that those with a mentality of development assume that their abilities will evolve over time, whereas those with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities are fixed and unchangeable. (2006 Dweck). Those with a development mindset are also more likely to view mistakes and challenges as learning opportunities, while those with stagnant mindsets are more likely to see the same experiences as their attributes or capabilities markers.

One of the consequences of this result is that it is easier to praise the child's initiative during a challenge than to praise the child's overall capacity as if it were set features inside an individual (Kamins & Dweck 1999). For example, it's easier to complement a child's assumed intellect by saying something like, "You've worked through this dilemma very well! "Instead of something like this," you got the issue right. Yeah, you just need to be clever! ”


There is also evidence at the neurological level of people with these various mentalities coping with errors differently depending on their ideas of knowledge and capacity. Those with development mentalities process errors and benefit from their experiences far better than those with fixed mentalities, as shown by brain function tests during these studies (Moser, Schroder, Heeter, Lee, & Moran 2011). Those with a development mind mechanism and learn from their failures, while those with a set mind are more likely to run away from these obstacles because they see them as a danger to their self-esteem.

After analysis of this data, one can logically infer that it is better to see mistakes as learning opportunities rather than assaults on one's skill. So, to sum up, with this essay, I'd like you to think about circumstances in your own life where they're applicable. Are you making a real commitment towards a target and yet having mistakes along the way? If so, having a development attitude will tend to portray these mistakes as learning opportunities in order to bring you closer to your ultimate target. This compares sharply with viewing these mistakes as a warning that you are really not being made out for anything. Essentially, it's the commitment that counts.

Thus, If you are indeed making a tremendous effort, so continue to remember the advantages of possessing a developed mind as you face unavoidable trials in the search for a goal.

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